windows 7 and vistaWindows 7 & Vista

Get the latest version of Desktop Calendar now for Windows 7 and Vista.

why upgradeWhy upgrade?

Enhanced functionality and a more customizable look, see what you're missing out on.

Preset Data FilesPreset Data Files

Download common dates like public holidays and festivals to import into your calendar.

wallpaper packsWallpaper Packs

Automatically have a different wallpaper on your desktop evey month of the year.

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Download Desktop Calendar IconWindows XP & Earlier

Desktop Calendar 0.44 / 0.54

The calendar started out as freeware and version 0.44 remains so to this day. You can download it below completely free of charge and with no built-in limitations or time limits. However development has now stopped on that version and all future additions and improvement are going into the optional upgrade (0.54) which is available for a small fee.

Some of the differences between the two versions are displayed in the table below, but for a more detailed guide see why upgrade? and find out what you're really missing out on.

  0.44 0.54
Ability to enter events separately on the same day no yes
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly events no yes
Built in print option no yes
Annual events yes yes
Birthdays \ anniversaries ( be reminded of the age \ year ) no yes
Be reminded of upcoming events up to 5 days in advance no yes
Support for multiple monitors no yes
Set your own colours (multiple schemes only in upgrade) no no
Search for past and future events no yes
Cost FREE $19.99
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